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Akash Bansala
Founder & CEO - Strategist

Akash is an entrepreneurial repeat offender, playing a role in several different companies including founding Marques Club He is a builder…of brands, culture, relationships, answers. his vision builds thrive into businesses. Akash is a risk taker. He’s the guy who loves to take the leap from strategy into the outer orbits of creative possibility. He believes simple is better. That people respond most to truth. And that no matter how far into the unexpected an idea may take the audience, it must always bring them back His taste for the finer things in life makes him a designated trendsetter. With a constant curiosity for trends – food, fashion, art or culture – he begins with the origin of things. Who did it first? Who was bold enough to try? His eye for the next big thing is instrumental in strategy and innovation work, and his prowess for social media. When he isn’t obsessing over the personality of your brand, he’s spending as much time as possible traveling & exploring new things. When it comes to bringing a brand to life, his passion lies in crafting and unearthing an authentic story— being a Judicious storyteller

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Founder - Creator & Strategist

Is doing exactly what she’s made to do: creating meaningful Brands every day. An Entrepreneur ,and artist ,a Creator, gold medalist ,Won awards Including "Women Entrepreneur" by Govt Of India.With more than 10 years of experience of working with stellar Consumer Brands like S.C.Johnson, VLCC Consumer Goods, Twinings India. She is a passionate brand builder that loves to push the boundaries of what’s possible. She’s not afraid of exploring the edges and getting people out of their comfort zones to identify new solutions. A burning curiosity for the process of things: How was the concept born? How did it develop? And what makes it compelling? The devil is in the details – and the strategy. She learned long ago to embrace the ambiguity – and loves creating clarity where there were once only murky waters. She loves diving deep into human motivations,insights and has conducted consumer research around the world.

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